The Helping Chair

Our Power Lift Chair and recliner enables individuals with mobility issues to use a comfortable, relaxing chair with no worries about entry or egress. Four independent zoned, vibrational massagers encourage relaxation and help users achieve deep, rejuvenating naps.

Safe to Fall Asleep, Easy to Rise

With a maximum recline angle of 130 degrees and a maximum lift angle of 45 degrees, absolute relaxation can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of mobility concerns. The Power Lift Chair puts you to sleep and gets you back up again!

Vibrational Massage Functions

The four vibrational massage zones target the back, lumbar, thighs and legs, ensuring continuous blood flow, even when sitting or reclining for longer periods. There are three massage modes which can be set to automatically turn off after fifteen minutes, should you desire a long nap.

Choose your Finish





Two small pockets on the front and one side pocket allow convenient storage of remote controls or other smaller objects.

High Quality Material

Polyurethane leather-like material provides durability and the generously padded seat, backrest, armrest and headrest provide a more comfortable sitting experience.

Cup Holder

A cup holder on both sides allows the user to either store smaller items or two drinks without the need for a coffee or end table.


The lumbar area features a heating capability to keep you warm and limber. The heat can be set to operate for fifteen minutes at a time, allowing longer rests without overheating.

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