Ultra Massage Chair (UMC)


Our top of the line massage chair includes massage rollers along the entire spine. Airbags target the neck, shoulders, back, arms, waist, hips, calves & feet area. Technology embedded with variety of different massage techniques such as kneading, tapping, knocking, rolling, and shiatsu massage on selective body proportion of whole, partial or fixed points on the body.

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Sleek Design: The massage chair adopts novel modern design, beautiful appearance, and colorful details. Remote with LCD display is easy to navigate and is user-friendly.

Zero Gravity: Press the zero gravity button to adjust the massage chair to a comfortable angle. This mode reclines the chair so adament blood flow and circulation are best achieved in that position. Armrests can be synchronized with the backrest regardless of whether the handrail is raised or lowered.

Trigger Point Massage: A variety of massage techniques such as kneading, knocking, tapping and deep shiatsu are applied to the bosy using the 5 modes on the remote. There are multiple massage rollers inside the backrest. The foot massage includes rollers to massage the sole and ball of the foot.

Airbags: Fluctuating airbag squeeze massage can relieve back and neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain etc.

Heat: Heating is included in the massage chair automatically powering off after 15 mins of use.
Safety: Massage chair automatically powers off after 15 minutes of use. Hidden lines eliminate any electric shock.

Bluetooth Music and Leg Length: Now you can enjoy your own playlists and music selections simply by connecting your iPhone or Android device to the Bluetooth connectivity feature. Wireless blue tooth speakers playing HD sound. Foot massager is adjustable and can be extended to approx 15 cm (5.9″) to fit for taller people.

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